0GAR - Release Notes


    Some missing fields when comparing players in trade and FVPG calculations.


    Introduce a fuzzy-search to all player searches for misspellings
    Some players did not appear in player search if identified as non-roster contracts (if out/IR at the time of build)


    major rework to align with new API data


    Switch ownership and trade calculators to current season (most teams have played enough games)
    style issue with spoilers on Weekly Offnights
    Speed dial component opens down, sometimes off-page which does not allow you to select settings


    synergy page is found in SEO searches but is broken, so cleaned it up (not ready yet, though)
    SEO sand site metadata fixup
    3x daily updates on rosters, points and schedule
    lots of small css/style improvements and fixes


    major refactor to improve redraw times across the site


    Weekly offnights displaying wrong week in new season
    Weekly offnights does not show the first week for recommendations
    Weekly offnights temporarily use FVPG previous season


    Reworking CICD to make the project easier to collaborate on
    Switch host/build infrastructure for upcoming season
    Support for 0gar.com and 0gamesabovereplacement.com!
    Cleanup data handling for ownership, games and players


    Roster Optimizer does not show scheduled gmaes if they are still TBD timing
    Weekly Offnights does not show games beyond the 29th week of the schedule


    several small tweaks to make pages load faster and more consistently


    Roster Optimizer now has a speed dial and settings for player suggestion league type
    Ownership NextGames hidden on RO


    Favicon and nice title on tab/window


    Weekly Offnights now shows next week stats
    There is enough data from this season -- all tools added 2022-2023 regular season as default


    Include at least 3 teams in the search for recommendations
    Weekly Offnights now can configure for league settings
    Weekly Offnights now has a speed dial floating for access to common actions


    We're on Twitter now!


    estimated ownership values are now generated 2x daily, rather than weekly
    Weekly Offnights can be configured for spoilers and player suggestions


    Roster Optimizer players' positions reset when loading previous saved roster (thanks for the report, Luke!)
    0GAR weights should be available and used as default, since it's the most accurate portrayal of events


    Player recommendations (2021 data) to WO and RO


    Player search comboboxes were sluggish, especially on initialization, for RO and Compare Tool
    Player search was using 20212022 rosters
    Roster Optimizer will migrate players in saved rosters to their latest teeam


    Rename Trade Tool to Compare Tool in NAV
    Compare Tool icon in NAV was tiny
    Some Compare Tool tweaks


    player search boxes should be alphabetical
    player search boxes should contain teeam icons
    better Trade details when adding/removing players
    Trade Tool layou, hierarchy and widget rework
    Trade Tool loading a player with too few games for the period selected can crash the tab
    Some global color/style tweaks
    Trade Tool official v1


    Trade Tool is now live with 2021-2022 regulary season data


    Nav drawer should shade site while open, and close when clicking out
    Menu icon larger size, and header thinner
    better nav support on small and extra-small screens
    better resizing and general sizing on small and XL screens for Roster Optimizer


    Weekly Offnights Sort by games/offnights/score/team back


    Debug logging in some code
    Weekly Offnights legend was incorrectly identifying highlights as games remaining, rather than score


    First pass of fixes with the site designer to improve legibiliy and accessibility


    Reimplement cookie consent to fix annoying issue constantly prompted
    Roster Optimizer sometimes not saving rosters
    Roster Optimizer style and layout


    Major refactor for security vulnerabilities, speed and bulk
    Sometimes we fail to detect the current day and pages highlight/calculate games remaining/offnights incorrectly


    Major refactor of theming, auto-layouts and styling
    Major rework to support faster paging in weekly offnights
    Major rework to support better page accessibility
    Add a tip when small screens have less visible info WO


    reconciling release candidate/unreleased assortment of fixes/features which were frozen out during playoffs
    migrate official build/release to cloud
    style, system and unittests to harness upcoming major refactoring


    Many players had incorrect teams associated after off-season trades
    Weekly Offnights fails to load when data is corrupted (thanks StreetRat over on FHP Discord!)


    Some players missing from Roster Optimizer due to being on LTIR/IR at the start of a season
    UTIL slots should not allow Goalies
    In Weekly Offnights, games in pre-game, ongoing, postponed etc. should not be calculated towards Games Remaining/Score
    In RO, games in pre-game, ongoing, postponed etc. should not be calculated towards Games Remaining


    Weekly offnights did not correctly display Away icons for NHL teams on the road
    Added back to Weekly Offnights Next Week Score/Games/Offnights, and Current Games columns by request
    Schedule for alpha-release WIP was not running regularily on the cron job
    An issue with column resizing on desktop Weekly Offnights
    An issue with the NAV buttons for release notes/chat/email being too close together on small screens
    Reduced dead space margins for sm and md screens to help legibility on dense views
    Layout changes for Release Notes


    Added some alpha-release/WIP for select user feedback
    Due to dynamic hide/resize events, some smaller devices never saw contact or releasenote options in navigation
    Dates on Weekly Offnights and Roster Optimizer had edge cases where they could show the wrong day or week that have been resolved
    Migration of localStorage to use more explicit labelling


    Roster Optimizer can show +1 in recommendations despite nights being full where there are competing multiple-eligibility players for the position
    Several players missing from RO who are not yet signed to a team but likely will play this season
    Fixed some overflow issues on Nav bars


    Fixed some overlapping issues in Navbar on extra-small devices
    Fixed some overflow issues on Home on extra-small devices
    Fixed some overflow issues on Weekly offnights with common long statuses


    Game outcome is now displayed all completed or non-scheduled days in Weekly Offnights
    Preseason games are now visible in tools
    Added a tutorial/tour for Roster Optimizer
    Added this Release Notes page, which should be better integrated at some point
    Fixed an issue with stale data when returning to the site causing bad schedule dates
    Fixed an issue on the backend which caused some daylight savings related discrepancies
    Fixed an issue in Roster Optimizer which forced the previous release to always forget info between sessions
    Player names are now animated when added in Roster Optimizer to help with visual feedback that it's worked when you have a large roster
    The navbar is now collapsable for larger screens
    Roster Optimizer now properly handles the two Sebastien Aho players
    Roster Optimizer now allows multiple placeholders of teams
    Fixed several layout issues with the Home Page
    Fixed several theming and color discrepancies between pages
    Fixed several layout issues on specific mobile devices
    Major overhaul of Weekly Offnights with feedback from early testers (thanks, JustRadek!)
    Several copy issues (spelling, grammar) fixed on all pages
    Home page sections now have a hover animation to communicate they are clickable
    Better feedback when input is invalid for both player search and forecasting # of games
    Warn users who opt out of cookies that functionality is limited on Roster Optimizer, and give them the option to fix it